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Cloud Hosted

Cost effective and extremely reliable hosting solutions capable of maintaining high data availability.


Developed using modern technology and proven security practices. Ensuring future accessibility and prevent obsolescence.


Scalable performance that opens the door to new possibilities, whether it's adding locations, hiring more people or expanding across market segments.


Designed for compatibility with multiple devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, a mobile phones.

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Property Management

Simple tracking and management of your buildings, furnished apartments, leases, and costs.

Booking Management

Create, transfer, extend, and manage your corporate bookings with a dynamic work flow that makes your sales representatives' jobs faster and easier.


Quickly compose web-hosted options to close leads faster than ever before.


Keep track of your cleints' leads, bookings, and communication on their client profile.

Schedule Board

View all of your properties and bookings to keep track of move-ins, move-outs, property statuses, and resident details.


Keep the money flowing with tools that help you manage your billing and make your payments on time.


Gain insight into your business or work directly off of our interactive reports.

Document Merging

Generate all documents required for bookings, clients, or suppliers with the click of a button.

Task Management

Schedule and monitor the numerous tasks that keep your business going.

File Manager

Store all of your files securely on the cloud and access them easily through our file manager.

User Security

Manage your user's permissions and roles. Give users certain permision to search, edit and create records.



Access and create your own tools that interact with CodeOne in other ways than the integrations we have out of the box.

Guest Communication

Effortlessly reach your residents through automatic SMS text messages or emails.



Billed Monthly



  • Azure Cloud Hosted
  • Unlimited Units & Bookings
  • Live Chat Support
  • Support & Upgrades Included

minimum of 5 users

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